Snack Shop

The Ice Box Skating Rink offers a wide variety of beverages and snacks.  Stop by to enjoy some of our goodies!
Hot Beverages
Hot Chocolate
French Vanilla Cappuccino
Smores Cappuccino
English Toffee Cappuccino
White Chocolate Cappuccino
Coffee - Regular & Decaffeinated
Tea - Regular & Decaffeinated & Flavored
Cold Beverages
Bottled Water
Pepsi Products
Apple, Orange & Grape Juice
Variety of Gatorade

         Just about every kind you can think of!
Sandwiches & Snacks
Pancake & Sausage on a Stick
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit
French Toast Sticks
Hot Dog
Cheese Dog
Corn Dog
Ramen Noodle Soup Cups
Nachos and Cheese
Soft Jumbo Pretzels