Organized youth hockey came to South Bend, Indiana in 1968 with the opening of the Notre Dame Athletic and Convocation Center. In 1975, the program grew so large that a second ice rink in South Bend opened on the city’s west side. It was named the Ice Box.

In 1981, a non profit corporation called South Bend Youth Hockey, Inc. was created for the purpose of operating the Ice Box. In 1999, with the continued growth of youth, high school, and senior leagues, along with the potential for increased figure skating and public skating usage, the Ice Box added a second rink with accompanying facilities. This represented a $2.5 million expansion and improvement effort.

Today, the Ice Box is accommodating requests for additional hockey team practice times, more figure skating, private parties and requests for regional tournaments and competitions. Our facility is open year round.

Our main objective is to make ice hockey and figure skating accessible and affordable.