South Bend Youth Hockey, Inc. Is a non-profit organization that operates the Ice Box skating facility on the near west side of South Bend. It was started to provide access to a skating facility for youngsters of all ages, creating opportunities to learn and enjoy the sport.

A new rink...

In the last five years, both Howard Park's and Merrifield Park's outdoor ice hockey rinks have closed. 

Simultaneously, the local demand for ice rink time has increased -- youth hockey league enrollment is increasing, high school teams are expanding, senior league participation is on the rise, and more travel tournaments are  being hosted locally. 

Therefore, the Ice Box seeks donations to enable us to add a third rink. This additional rink will allow us to expand our reach into underserved communities (especially those neighborhoods near the rink), meet the needs of organized skating leagues, and continue to increase our positive impact on the local economy.

...will enable expanded access