Welcome to the Ice Box Skating Rink located in South Bend, Indiana.

The Ice Box has two skating surfaces and provides year round access for skaters of all ages and skill levels.

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June 16, 2020

Welcome back hockey family! We have missed you! The last 3 months have been strange for everyone. We are very excited to announce the rink reopening. Our staff has been working very hard over this time to make our facility beautiful. This is a second home for so many, and we are excited to have everyone back. Please know that reopening our doors has some new procedures that will need to be followed. We ask for your understanding during this process, but please understand there is a zero-tolerance policy if protocol is not followed.

Below are links to both the waiver and procedures that will need to be signed before entering the building.

Thank you for understanding, and above all, Stay Safe.

Michelle Riccio & Chris Sandnas

Protocols & Waiver

We are proud to announce that the Ice Box was voted... "The Best Ice Rink in Indiana".

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